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Interested parties are welcome at our office in Diósd, where we can serve your needs from our warehouse.

Here, the various surface heating/cooling systems can be viewed during operation, depending on the weather. Here, a ground probe heat pump is the heat generator, which also produces domestic hot water. The heat emitters work in some places as wall, in some places as ceiling heating or floor tempering.




Our technology

Patented technology, state innovation recognition

Compared to the lightweight buildings on the market, it is a completely new, high-strength, highly energy-saving, stable, and recyclable building structure. In addition, it can be assembled easily and quickly, „LEGO-like”, making assembly easier even for the less experienced.

Its great advantage lies in its speed, as well as the fact that the large amount of water does not enter the structure of the house, as in a brick house. In addition, it costs less than a traditional construction and is very well insulated from heat and sound! We can even cover it with concrete tiles or you can get any other shell. External thermal insulation can be done with polystyrene or rockwool, and then it can be covered with precious plaster or any (wooden, metal, plastic) covering.


Design and construction of lightweight houses

Design and construction of individual lightweight houses from the structure we manufacture and distribute.

Our company undertakes the construction of Qualitherm lightweight structure ready buildings and, with the involvement of an external partner, also the turnkey construction in most parts of the country.

In addition, we undertake the collection, production and sale of structural elements based on architectural plans.

Our structural elements can also be purchased from stock, in 3m lengths.


Egységárak és csomagárak projektjeink és típustervek alapján

Qualitherm house in Erdőkertes

4 rooms

16,2 M Ft + VAT

structure ready


Previously built houses


One-story house with exposed beams, built with full ceiling height in the living room

XXII. district

Modern, one-story house with a two-car garage


Mediterranean-style, two-story house


Mediterranean-style one-story house


One-story, with a terrace that can be converted into a winter garden

XVI. district

Two-story, two-apartment modern apartment building


Qualitherm house type plans

Qualitherm house 01.

One-story, 107 m2 usable floor area, 29 m2 terrace

Qualitherm house 02.

One-story, 95 m2 usable floor area, 18 m2 terrace

Qualitherm house 03.

One-story, 115 m2 usable floor area, 21m2 terrace


See the layers of our structure!


News and current information

A production hall was built in Kisbágyon with support from the European Union, in which the elements of the structure are currently being made on 300m2, later it will be possible to expand the plant.

Our company received recognition for the product in the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix competition.

In 2015, our company obtained a patent for the wall structure.


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