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Falfűtés Rendszer Ltd.

In the beginning, we only dealt with the design and construction of surface heatings. Over the years, an own surface heating system has been developed, some of whose products have received design protection. These developments were carried out by the company’s majority owner, Jenő Fáy. We currently distribute the products of the surface heating system, i.e. the Qualitherm wall, floor and ceiling heating system, which can be purchased at our headquarters in Diósd.

Later on, the profile of the company expanded, we undertook work with the design and installation of heat pump systems, namely the installation of Stiebel Eltron products.

Since then, the company has dealt with several brands, currently the main heat pump supplier is Energy Save Kft. In addition, we typically deal mainly with the design and construction of Helios heat recovery ventilation systems within building engineering. Our company has produced thousands of surface heating systems and installed hundreds of heat pump and ventilation systems.


During the 2010s, a metal frame building structure was also developed by the company's majority owner, which also bears the Qualitherm brand name.

Nowadays, approx. The company built 30 houses, mostly turnkey. We are currently working on building a national network of partners with contractors who undertake the implementation of our company’s works, and who wish to build their own undertakings with Qualitherm building structures. We are on the right track in this direction, in most parts of the country we can undertake structure ready construction, and in some places also turnkey construction, as more than 10 of our partners are already undertaking structure ready construction.



Previously built houses


One-story house with exposed beams, built with full ceiling height in the living room

XXII. district

Modern, one-story house with a two-car garage


Mediterranean-style, two-story house


Mediterranean-style one-story house


One-story, with a terrace that can be converted into a winter garden

XVI. district

Two-story, two-apartment modern apartment building


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