Qualitherm houses

Lightweight construction

Lightweight house plans

Options for designing a newly built family house: Individual design, type plans, sample plans

Plans for a new single-family house with light structure can be made according to several options. The design can also be based on a completely unique idea/requirement.

In simpler cases, type designs can be chosen.

In addition to these, since March 2021 it is possible to choose a plan from the National Sample Plan Catalogue. (https://www.oeny.hu/oeny/nmtk/main)

Detailed design documentation for modern family houses suitable for on-site adaptation is available free of charge on the new website of the National Sample Plan Catalogue.

Light structure house type plans

It is possible to choose from lightweight structure house type plans, which are plans of individually designed family houses that have already been built (Százhalombatta, Diósd, Tárnok, XXII. ker., Gödöllő, Telki) or simple plan samples that were prepared to minimize construction costs and to give ideas.

Type plans of our lightweight houses

With the type plans, it is possible to relocate the partition walls.




XXII. district


Qualitherm house 01.

Qualitherm house 02.

Qualitherm house 03.


Previously built houses


One-story house with exposed beams, built with full ceiling height in the living room

XXII. district

Modern, one-story house with a two-car garage


Mediterranean-style, two-story house


Mediterranean-style one-story house


One-story, with a terrace that can be converted into a winter garden

XVI. district

Two-story, two-apartment modern apartment building


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