Qualitherm houses

Structure ready

Our company primarily undertakes the construction of buildings on an existing foundation until they are structurally ready.

Based on a foundation prepared by the customer, the structure-ready design includes the following for a one-story building:

One-story house with a simple floor plan

Simple one-story ready-made house: from HUF 150,000/m² + VAT.

A two-story house with a simple floor plan

Simple two-story house ready for construction: from HUF 200,000/m² + VAT.


Our company only undertakes with the involvement of one partner...

Our company has partners all over the country who undertake the construction of Qualitherm houses structurally and in some cases turnkey.
We can provide a turnkey offer only after selecting a partner of our company, in cooperation with him.

Structural elements

We undertake the determination and pricing of the entire structural requirement based on the architectural and static plans prepared by the designers we mediate or other designers. After that, the structural elements can be purchased separately.

Ask for our offer for building structural elements!


Frequently asked questions about the prices of lightweight houses

Is a lightweight building cheaper than a brick building?


Are there typical houses that can be built at a fixed price?

Yes, there are.

Lightweight house prices 2023

Lightweight house prices, like everything else these days, are very dependent on changes in the price of raw materials, such as metal, wood, OSB, insulation. Fluctuations can be observed for some items, while there are products that only show a price increase.

Qualitherm house in Erdőkertes

4 rooms

16,2 M Ft + VAT

structure ready

Wooden lightweight house prices

Typically, the prices of wooden lightweight houses are not far behind those made of metal. In the past period, higher price fluctuations were observed for wooden products than for metals.

Metal frame lightweight house prices

You can read our current prices above. By eliminating price changes, it is possible to contract at a fixed price, if it is possible to purchase all raw materials in advance.

Turnkey lightweight house prices

The prices of the turnkey light structure house are significantly influenced by the nature of the building, the types and quality of the built-in materials. For example, it is much more expensive to build a foundation on a sloping plot than to build on a flat plot. You can buy shutters made of metal, wood or plastic, you can also choose roofing from several options, and all interior design parts can be built with large price differences, etc.

Turnkey lightweight house prices 2023

Nowadays, regarding the prices of the turnkey light structure house: it is difficult to contract for a flat-rate turnkey construction due to significant price changes, so the contract usually stipulates that the construction price follows inflation and price increases.

Cheap lightweight house?

There are products from many manufacturers on the market at the price level at which we work. We can build a „cheap” or even cheaper lightweight house if we only buy the materials and build it ourselves. Of course, this has a legal background, not just anyone can build a house.

Structure ready price of a lightweight house

The structurally ready state of the light construction house is usually approx. 40% of full turnkey construction. This also includes the base, which is not included in our ready-to-structure preparation.


Previously built houses


One-story house with exposed beams, built with full ceiling height in the living room

XXII. district

Modern, one-story house with a two-car garage


Mediterranean-style, two-story house


Mediterranean-style one-story house


One-story, with a terrace that can be converted into a winter garden

XVI. district

Two-story, two-apartment modern apartment building


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